Friday, 7 November 2008

Congratulations US

First thing - you know how much I hate going to Borneo - I can' bring myself to finish it.

Second - we spent the weekend in Langkawi (Bears 7th birthday - Husband - Conference). I spent Wednesday watching the election results.

The tears in my eyes at 12:01 pm when CNN predicted the election results (I was just about to leave to check out). My kids kept asking why I was crying (checking to see that the crazy woman hadn't gotten in).

I have never in my life wished to be an American citizen. But I can truly say that I am very proud for the US to have come so far. Obama did not run on a race campaign, I have read his books, I have followed his story since he was first on Oprah many years ago and she begged him to run.

My kids and I will remember election day 2008 for ever - like one of those defining moments in history.