Thursday, 15 April 2010

Home again

After getting home from 10 days in Perth on Friday night - we had the map of Europe on the floor on Sunday night trying to work out where to fly into............ those itchy feet are just getting itchier.
We went for a swim meet. Asia vs Australia - we were with Asia - now that felt wrong. But you can't change teams when you get there.

Not all swim meet - this is what we did while C girl trained on Good Friday.

I was actually freezing - jacket zipped up to my chin - it was April. But it doesn't ever stop kids does it.
A beautiful little girl turned 7 while we were there. Took the kids and 2 friends to Adventure world.

There was car racing, rides, waterslides and a zoo. Lovely day.

Not all lovely though - someone had been tall enough in the morning, but not tall enough in the afternoon to go on a certain ride. It was distressing - "How did I get shorter after's just not possible".

Yes, Happy to be home. Great holiday - our first Easter with J for over 3 years.