Sunday, 30 August 2009

Snow Holiday

We had some really great fun on the days that the whole family skiied together (and one really bad day - but you get that). These pathetically amatuer videos were taken on the last day. The kids favorite run was the "fox trail". Unfortunately J wanted some great camera shots so there was a little time spent waiting.

Maybe it is lost in translation.....but we had fun.

Lots of giggles at the end of this run (I only fell over because I was avoiding landing on C girl).

We spent a whopping $30 each for 1/2 an hour on the tube ride - total was around 6 rides each - but it was great fun (the kids walked up instead of taking the magic carpet so they had about 10 rides each). This was the last thing we did (we almost missed the bus off the mountain at 5).

Friday, 28 August 2009



Life has returned almost to normal. We got back from Aus a few weeks ago on a monday. I spent Tue and Wed at work and then we went to Sambolo from Thur - Mon for an extended long weekend. Unfortuanately, J left on the Tue morning after returning and didn't return until last Sat lunchtime. Missed all their remaining time on holiday - and most importantly a 5 day weekend at the beach.

It was back to school this week. Unfortunately missing a few familiar faces.......the downside of an international school where people come and go regularly.

We had a great holiday. We were in Aus for 26 days, with the fantastic MIL and FIL for 2 weeks and then Victoria for 1 1/2 weeks. 8 days spent skiing.

The kids did 7 1/2 days of ski school. The big plus is - we don't think they need that sort of time in ski school now. Just parent "give me a break" time in future. So the plans for italy may change......there is a good chance that the family will vote for 13 days of skiing instead of just one week as previously voted. J is pushing .......skiing, or looking at really old buildings.......which one do you want to do?

The big bad wolf was a lot more relaxed about skiing this year. We stayed in a penthouse unit just behind J. It was ski in - ski out - what a difference. The weather was shocking with only a few days of sunshine - but because of the weather - I had to lash out and buy a pair of spyder pants - for retail price........I'm not sure all of our ski clothes together come to the amount that we paid - but I was it was worth it. And yes Lynda - they are black ........ aarrgggghhhh .... the conformity will kill me.

More on the holiday in future posts. Still trying to get my head around who it is I am posting for. My Dad has just joined the land of the dribbling zombies ...... nursing home for the aged and impaired ... so definitely not for him to keep in touch (not that he would have ever shown an interest previously). But this is no longer for my Mum, I've stopped crying everyday, but only just (thanks to the time in Aus with my MIL and FIL).

Best thing about trip - we managed to catch up with even more family and friends than normal this year, which was fantastic (and we have decided to settle in Brisbane if we have to go back to Aus one day).

Worst thing about trip - the trip home (despite being in business class) was slightly ruined by J's big boss checking in behind us and then being on the same flights/lounge the entire way home (14 hours). Ssshhh was something the kids heard on a regular basis from their father. But there was no stopping them on the touchdown into Jakarta.....the normal 5, 4, 3, 2 1, we're home .... yeaaaahhhh. (Come on - why would we want to stop that sort of enthusiasm - We just signed on for another year).