Friday, 29 May 2009


I have finally got to the place I want to be..........on the exercise front.

I am now swimming 2km at least twice a week (luckily or unluckily C girl is doing early morning swims at school twice a week so I can join her (or not)). I am running on the treadmill at least 3 times a week. Once a week I can squeeze in 10km in 1 hour, but usually it's a calm 9km. I competed in a biathlon a few weeks ago and although I didn't come close to winning (my swimming technique let me down), I passed 5 people on the run and came in closer to the front than the end. I am now working on my technique and can do the 2km in under 55 minutes - easily..........all with the assistance of my latest toy - the ipod skin, so I can listen to music as I swim (how good is that)?

I need some photos on this blog. I just looked and there have been no photos downloaded onto our computer since January - although there have been lots it will have to be.

We went to Singapore last weekend from Wed - Sun. Our good mates at jenjenqld.blogspot... came with us and we had the adjacent units in a really nice apartment complex thing going on.

We finally went to Sentosa, went to Underwater world, the gondola, the toboggan rides (going up in the chair lift we discovered that our girls are excellent spitters (yes Spitters). A skill neither Jen or I have ever been able to acquire. We finished our day there with a swim at the beach (kids) while we tested the service in the seaside bar (good drinks, bit slow on the nachos).

On the friday we went to the Science centre, saw the da vinci exhibit and the imax movie on sea monsters. On friday night we went to the night safari at the zoo. It was excellent - so glad we have finally been, and I can tick off the zoo in singapore now because going during the day sounds horrificly hot.

On Sat we did a full day of.......SHOPPING. I know - I say I hate it. But we did shopping for sports equipment, toys and books. Things that we all love. We went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and then went for another walk up Orchard Road because J forgot to buy the speedy shoes (for quick transitions) that he NEEDED. I bought a dress because I went past it on the escalator. Bear told me I should buy two because I couldn't decide between fabrics - he is SO going to be a popular husband to some lucky girl.

Anyway - great family time, great adventure and a really great experience to be had instead of continually going to Sambolo.

And yes - we flew with Singapore airlines - but there were NO queus - so work that one out. Queus in Aus, no queus in Asia.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Visit to Victoria Part 2

With two weeks distance between when we left and now, I can now write about the trip to Victoria.

To say it was disturbing is an understatement. To say it was horrific is probably pushing it too far.

I am absolutely, without remorse or regret, extremely happy that I took the kids to Victoria and stayed at my parents home for 5 nights. Without doubt I did the right thing.

My Mum was in extreme pain the entire time. She tried really hard to not look like she is, but she most certainly was gritting her teeth and trying to get through it for our sake.

No one - no matter how nasty or selfish, will change the fact that my kids love their Nan. They illustrated it beautifully while we were there as she illustrated that she loved them. Not a moment was lost between Nan's waking time and the kids (yes, the kids were awake longer). We went to the pool, we went on walks, we went to an indoor playground, we went out for dinner (for Nan's birthday party), we went to her sisters house (who is her best friend (I wish for a best friend that would span 65+ years)).

When she was asleep - we spent the time with my sister and her 3 daughters. 2 of those daughters are C girls age (yes 2 - not twins (362 days apart).

My kids learnt some valuable lessons while we were on this leg of the trip. Ones they won't forget and ones that I don't regret that they learnt (although it was difficult at the time).

I truly hope my Mum has some "holidays" in the future (a week with someone who will wait on her hand and foot (like a princess)) - once a month would do her the world of good.

I hope my brother teaches my father how to go shopping, how to cook a simple meal and how to do some housework - because at the moment that is all in the hands of a very sick woman and she could benefit hugely from her husband of 43 years doing something domestic to help her(some things can be left too late).

Mostly I hope that my Mum can enjoy ALL of her life. Is that too much to ask for?

We flew back on the Sat. The kids ran ahead after customs (as is their custom) into the waiting arms of their Dad. "ARRGGGHHH they screamed - he has hair on his face", I could hear it before I could see him...............the horror had just begun.

(Thanks A and L for telling him he looks handsome last Sat, now I'll never get it off).......

What do think? (oh sorry, that one is mainly me), my mistake.

This is 3am? Do you think a family shave fest should occur? I think yes. Everyone is toooo nice.

This was last Sat night - before you mention it - you are right, I shouldn't have worn horizontal stripes - what was I thinking (maybe I got the dress on sale - can't remember now). But I have been waiting to wear it to something. We had a great time. We were the only english speaking table. I think we offended all 23 other tables. I don't think we did anything wrong, other than have a great time with our friends.