Friday, 12 December 2008

Confessions of a Mum

It is time to confess. Once upon a time, there was a Mum who had a husband who went away all the time. There came a point in time during those 7 years, when she may have muttered the words "great, wish I could go away once in a while". Well, stupid woman. She ended up having to go away once in a while for work.

And she HATES it.

She hates it when she knows 1 month in advance (when we arrange the next monthly meeting on site). She HATES knowing that the weekend before will be her last days with her kids and she will miss them for a whole week (and count down the hours until she gets home). She hates knowing that the day/night she gets back she will be completely wiped because she had been in a moving car dodging cars, trucks and motorbikes up until 4am the morning she has come home (and got on a plane at 6). She HATES that she cannot rationalise WHY she HATES it so much.

Anyway - that said - don't expect Part 2 until I have been back to Borneo (mid Jan I think (but hope not).

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