Friday, 24 April 2009

Home Sweet Home

By popular demand - I present - Our HOME (see Imi, I did listen between G&T's and wine).

Our grass hut in the slum world of Jakarta - well - something like that anyway.
There are three houses in the complex. We love living there, not just for the house itself but because we have neighbours where the adults and kids get along great. We have events like Chinese new year, halloween and even the odd play. But we also live very seperately (no needy spouses around this complex).

Yes - there is a vomit of colour on our walls. Especially blue - which happens to be my favorite colour. There are a total of 12 colours on the walls in our house - we had it painted before we moved in (I cannot stomach white or cream walls). And before you ask - yes - the kids all sleep in the same room (their choice). The lego room was supposed to be bears room - but he didn't want to miss the party.

As you can see - there is plenty of room for visitors (hint hint all relatives and friends (don't make me name names)).

Oh - and if I haven't mentioned it before - we love living here. Next to school, the house would be the second thing I would miss most about Jakarta.

Can you blame me?

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