Sunday, 30 August 2009

Snow Holiday

We had some really great fun on the days that the whole family skiied together (and one really bad day - but you get that). These pathetically amatuer videos were taken on the last day. The kids favorite run was the "fox trail". Unfortunately J wanted some great camera shots so there was a little time spent waiting.

Maybe it is lost in translation.....but we had fun.

Lots of giggles at the end of this run (I only fell over because I was avoiding landing on C girl).

We spent a whopping $30 each for 1/2 an hour on the tube ride - total was around 6 rides each - but it was great fun (the kids walked up instead of taking the magic carpet so they had about 10 rides each). This was the last thing we did (we almost missed the bus off the mountain at 5).

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