Friday, 16 October 2009

Borneo - 2009 - again.

Well I survived another trip.....actually it wasn't all that bad.

We flew from Banjarmarsin to Maura Tewah, which saved us 10 hours in a car. So - leaving home at 4:30 we were at the minesite at 1pm. Not bad going, since it usually takes us to 10am on the following day.

From a previous trip - but you get the idea of the trip down the river.

The food on site was terrible. Our normal cook was away and so we had what everyone else eats (yes, I stay in VIP with cable television (and now hot water), so I have come to expect different food (like when I was sick I got steak, chips and normal veggies- no kidding (not sure what sort of steak it was though). We had deep fried mashed potato balls, white rice (which I refuse to eat), chicken pieces (which are yum the first 3 times) and green beans with tofu. Same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 6 meals straight.

(This is a floating home, note the dishes being washed)

(this is the boat we went on - it seats 8 comfortably)

Yesterday we had a novel trip, a 7 hour boat ride from the minesite to a secondary area. Previously we have done 2 hours boat, 5 hours car, 1 1/2 hour boat. But this time we went for a change. We had a mini meeting at the secondary area, had a massive lunch (that was also dinner) of super sized prawns and home made coconut cream ice cream (and I was either starving or this may have been the best ice cream I have ever had in my entire life.

Another example of fine plumbing on the river (at least there is no drop into water - trust me, a toilet where it drops a meter before hitting the water is a lot more embarrasing).

(one of the better toilets (I refuse to use one without a roof). This is on floating platform on river)

You may wonder what the obsession is with toilets - well I have never been camping. But I don't think I need to in order to experience the great outdoors - I can do it while I am at work.

NOTE : I forgot to mention the most exciting - I love living in Indonesia moment. During the 6 hour drive (after the 8 hours in the boat) our car kept breaking down. It eventually got to every 5 minutes we were stopping for 5 minutes to clean out the fuel injectors. Our driver was on the phone for a bit (which he normally never does during the normal 10 hour drives).

After not long at all, we were told to grab all our stuff. We were changing cars. Our driver had a friend (in the middle of nowhere) who lent us his car. The friend drove our car back (he hadn't made it when we left at 5am this morning) while our driver and us took his car. It had no seatbelts or back seat windows. We got back without incident.

Where else would someone give you their car while they took yours (yes - cash was exchanged - but still). Where I ask?

Today, in the official Pushing in line to get on the plane, the people in the proper line were all smiles at us......we were pushing in (with about 20 other people), but they didn't care - that's how it works.

I love this place (think I must be deliriously tired). No really - even tomorrow, I'm going to still love it.
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