Monday, 22 March 2010

Football and Visitors

Our guest of honour have been with us for just over a week now and have just changed their flight so they can stay with us for an extra weekend. Their beloved son is away all week, so it makes sense to stay until after the weekend (no - that wasn't sarcasm - it's nice to see that the love you have for your kids doesn't go away at a certain age).
Kids and Grandparents are very happy. There have been lots of gymnastic shows and dancing acts after dinner. Grandma is very happy to not have to cook or clean and be able to just relax (not sure she has ever had the opportunity to do that before - given they had 6 kids) and they have been dragged to school, swimming carnivals, quiz nights, Taman Mini and shopping malls.
We had a 40th birthday party on Friday night for J and I know that they were thrilled to be there and were very happy to meet our friends. They worked the room and didn't go to bed until 1am - given that they are not very well, that was a huge effort on their behalf - especially when they were getting up and leaving home at 7am for yet another football match (we didn't make them, but they hadn't seen Munch play - so they wanted to).

Although we haven't left Jakarta yet for a look see with our special guests, they have been to 5 football matches - including the final for Bear's team. It was a draw (4-4), which - given that the last time they had met they were a draw and both teams were undefeated - they let it stand and both teams win the league. Which is a pretty great outcome - especially as it is school vs school and U8. Both teams will play each other in the final for the Greenfields (knockout league) in April - that will be interesting as their has to be only one winner.
I will be taking my MIL tomorrow for a pampering day - if you know me you will know that this isnt' actually something I do - I hate manicure/pedicure/cream bath stuff - sitting there and having people touch you and you have to sit still - yuk. But it's a fundraiser, is with a bunch of other ladies and includes lunch at a great Italian resturant - plus - given her delight yesterday after having a massage, I think she is going to LOVE it.
A visit to the Museum later in the week and they will finally be going out of town on Fri/Sat to see Bogor Botanical gardens and watch J play football in a lovely leafy, park (where the kids will ride bikes and run amok as all kids should).
It has been so great to finally get to show them what we have been talking about all these years (and now at least they know we aren't mad for loving it here).

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