Thursday, 15 April 2010

Home again

After getting home from 10 days in Perth on Friday night - we had the map of Europe on the floor on Sunday night trying to work out where to fly into............ those itchy feet are just getting itchier.
We went for a swim meet. Asia vs Australia - we were with Asia - now that felt wrong. But you can't change teams when you get there.

Not all swim meet - this is what we did while C girl trained on Good Friday.

I was actually freezing - jacket zipped up to my chin - it was April. But it doesn't ever stop kids does it.
A beautiful little girl turned 7 while we were there. Took the kids and 2 friends to Adventure world.

There was car racing, rides, waterslides and a zoo. Lovely day.

Not all lovely though - someone had been tall enough in the morning, but not tall enough in the afternoon to go on a certain ride. It was distressing - "How did I get shorter after's just not possible".

Yes, Happy to be home. Great holiday - our first Easter with J for over 3 years.


Kathryn said...

Yay for holidays!! Especially when the whole family is together. The beach looked glorious - I am very jealous....I NEED a holiday!!
I never wrote to say how pleased for you I was that your visitors had an amazing time here. You will always have an even closer bond with friends and family who witness first hand your life overseas. Hopefully the floodgates will open now for you of people desperate to visit as well now! x

Connie said...

How wonderful to spend some time at the beach - love it! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful girl. I totally agree that being denied, after being approved, was unfair!