Thursday, 18 November 2010

The new house

The downside of moving house from one country to another - you realise what is unusual about where you are living and you go on a shopping spree in order to purchase all those cool things that are cheaper here. Why didn't I buy half this stuff years ago?
The packers come on Wednesday. I am going to Bandung tommorrow - (factory outlet clothes shopping) - Yes Jen - I just might see a Herme's bag for you (do you realise one of my bags has a certificate of authenticity - I found it the other day when I was putting it back in it's cover?). Saturday will be spent trying to get all the last minute stuff organised (still waiting for 2 chests of drawers, some metallic prints and some frames).
On Saturday I am also going to go to my favourite shop - Massimo Dutti (Italian), where I can pick up some fashionable winter clothing (think Munch wasn't born last time I bought winter clothes (other than ski clothes). My sister in law has convinced me that Australia is over the top expensive and although there isn't a sale, the prices there are reasonable in comparison (I usually wait for the sale so this green light is a welcome).
This is a room divider - yes, I haven't bothered to untie it. First saw it at least 2 years ago...... bring some metallic energy into our new home (that is vey water and fire).
Got a waterproof cover made up for our new day bed .....

I love the colours. It fits both J and I. Could have used it at least 3 years ago. It's over 2m long and 1m wide. Very comfortable place to lie when kids are in the pool (ok - I've never done that - but I will when it's not 100% humidity okay).

Got some waterproof covers for our rattan outdoor lounge. When we get a new puppy it will hopefully save the lounge from being eaten when teething hits (I said hopefully).

Clock from Ho Chi Minh (that's why it's US Navy) - sorry J - haven't taken it to Roberts yet for the wooden back plate - hopefully will do that on Saturday.

Picked up this clock from Bogor today - what the relationship is to England I don't know. Got it at an antique/light shop today on the side of the road when I was a little sick of my kids whining over who's turn it was on the stupid ipad (what's that - it's my own fault for allowing it - well when traffic varies from 1 - 4 hours and the car with the dvd player is taken off you because your husband has left the company/country -well a bit of backup entertainment never hurt).
I picked up the new curtains today for the house in NSW. J saw it in person the other day and it has the verdict of "all ok". I would have liked a little bit more enthusiasm since we are still to see this house in person and we take ownership of it in less than 2 weeks. Hopefully I haven't mucked up too badly with the curtains - but comes into the "too many choices, I hate being in shops where people are smoking" category.

My big girl is becoming a girly girl all over again. You will notice some beading lying over it. It's to drape along the top, Munch has some beading that is green and pink. Why - I don't know. Just felt like it (I went back a second time for the beading/cushions).

C girl's room is the current spare bedroom (so boring) - so we don't have a feature wall to begin with. Will work out when we get there what colour this room will become. Something with a bit of personality. Feature wall behind where the bed is in this photo - am thinking either bright purple or pink.
These orange curtains will make Munches bedroom - along with either lime green or light blue walls (leaving the feature wall pink obviously).

It has a little personality already - but I can't live with carpet/walls blending into each other.
These curtains will liven up Bear's bedroom - not great I know, but there was nothing really boyish and as I said - I was over it all by then.

We haven't decided on the other walls yet - lime green, yellow or orange for the currently "brown" walls in Bear's bedroom.

These curtains will liven up our dull bedroom. I think the walls are a similar colour to the cushion in the above photo (the downside to never having seen the house in person).
Our furniture is much browner than the current owners - so it needs a bit of brightening. Not too worried about the colour matching ultra close - the curtains aren't really going to be against the wall. If the one in the far corner is, then we will draw it the other way. No big deal. This is a room I won't paint before the furniture arrives. I've never had a room that wasn't blue before. it's going to be a bit weird.
Either way, it's going to be a much brighter house just with us moving in.
But I have packed 5 old workshirts of J in the airfreight - that way we can use the time the house is empty to paint all the kids bedrooms - at the very least (maybe the rumpus room too).
Can't wait to get to this new house and more importantly - see a fully stocked western supermarket - you thought I was going to say something about missing my husband and father of my children didn't you? It's okay -we have max J headroom - you know, the video linked smiling head of their father via gmail chat. The only downside is the four hour time difference.

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