Friday, 20 February 2009

Holidays 2009

It is official, only some booked, xmas will be before Feb finished.

Holidays 2009

March - Long weekend in west Java

April - 1 1/2 weeks in Portland and Melbourne, Australia

May - Long weekend in west Java

June - Very long weekend KL (Malaysia) for C girls interschool sports (still has to make team)

July/Aug - 3 weeks in QLD / 1 week in Vic (skiing) - kids first skiing in Aus

Sep - 1 week in Vietnam (C girl has a friend to visit and this is new country for kids and I)

Oct/Nov - 1 weeks - Phillipines (dependent on Hubs conference (new country for kids and I)

Nov - long weekend - Phuket - C girls football

Dec - 3 weeks in Italy (new country for everyone)

There will be a few other long weekends when we go to various places around Java, but they are usually spur of the moment. Plus we are going to try a few new locations.

A very exciting year planned.

Think this might fit under the category of why I love living here.

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