Sunday, 1 March 2009

February in Review

February has just finished and I've decided to try to wrap up a few things so that I can keep myself honest (exercise wise anyway). Probably boring for everyone except my Mum.

Ran for 12 hours - 110km covered
Swam for 5 hours - 11.2km covered
2 games of Netball (one with just C girl and one with the entire family on my team).

Just a note about this. Munchkin is 5, Bear is 7. We play with a group from ANZA who are made up of parents/ male and female who are just there to have an hour of exercise. Their father was the only one annoyed by our lack of goals. Intend to play every week. Without the Man.

Worked for 12 1/2 days (four of those days were made of 1 hour here, 5 hours there etc until they totalled 36 hours).
Helped with reading at school twice
Had a one great brunch
Had a great dinner out at a new (to us) hotel
Our family went out with another family to the kids favorite resturant
Went over to friends house for relaxing afternoon with many kids playing.
Had a great evening out with ANZA
Volunteered at a PTA family function (last night) - and being treasurer also spent many hours afterwards sorting out the money.

Watched 9 soccer games and 2 practices of C girl,
Watched 2 soccer games of both Munchkin and Bear (Devoted Dad watched all of Bear's games).
Took the kids out for futsal and lunch
Took C girl shopping - she cleaned up (10 new items) - word of warning - just because you buy her something that looks neat and pretty in shop, when she wears it (last night), she still has a way of making it look untidy, sporty and totally unique (but why would I want it any other way)

Booked our holiday at easter and a long weekend.

Overall I feel like we had a pretty great Feb 09.

So what about you? Did you have a worthwhile Feb 09? Did you live to work or work to live? Make the most of your family, look after your body?

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