Friday, 4 September 2009



We had a little excitement on Wednesday. An earthquake on the richter scale of 7 - 7.5 shook us up a bit. The epicentre was at least 300km away and it was a lateral move sideways, not up and down - but it was a good ride.

J was in Kalimantan - only got home yesterday, but last night was hectic (soccer practice, home at 6:30, then dinner, shower and books before 8). Don't know if he felt it.

Kids were on bus almost home - didn't feel it, but the pool still had waves crashing over the side when they came inside.

I had just gone to get a cup of tea after having sat for 3 hours in a meeting. I was with another Australian (very rare occurence in my office) who is slightly older (65 yo) and with a lot of travel experience (goes home every 59 days, record time in Aus, 2 hours (came back on same plane)). Anyway, I was swaying and saying - hey, you know, I feel kind of woosy. It's an earthquake dear, let's get out (I work in a very Indonesian building (marble floors, walls, but DODGY)).

We went outside and there are powerlines 5 m up on 3 sides of the entrance area, plus a lovely overhang over the stairs. Being outside worried me more than being inside.......the tremors kept going. It was surreal.
Anyway, when we were sure they had stopped, we went back inside to continue the meeting (yes, we were the first people inside - silly Aussies). Then the phone call home to make sure the kids were okay (during a freak storm earlier in the year a massive sign fell over onto the road that they travel on). Just checking.
Noone was traumatised, everyone thought it was great excitement. Don't worry, this little family is doing fine (if anyone read this blog I could get in SOOO much trouble for that pun).

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