Friday, 6 November 2009

Awesome Week

You wouldn't believe the week we are having in the jakartarocks household.

It started last saturday with football (nothing unusual about that) in the morning for the two little ones (Bear won, Munchkin lost).

Followed by rushing to Pondok Indah Mall for a new pair of football boots for C girl (discovered old ones worn out). She had won a pair for best and fairest with ASA soccer camp, but they are still one size away. All the shops didn't have the pair we wanted (the 90 series Nike) in her size, her feet are too small for the adult size, the youth size is sold out (for the last 2 months). No idea when they will come in. Settled on some poor Nike cousins.

Anyway, got home with 10 minutes to spare before heading out for her football match. They won a great game, then we rushed home and went to a halloween party at Executive Paradise (we have friends there). No alcohol, but every type of food you could want - plus lots for the kids to do. Left after 2 hours.

We then went to a halloween party - dress up and everything. I had been sick since Tuesday - so we left at 11pm - we are so dull - but it was a great party.

On Sunday morning I took C girl to football tryouts for the Jakarta All Stars Team. They had selected 50 kids to tryout. She is the only girl, but that is not really a good thing as although she knows 50% of the boys, they don't necessarily want to be her partner for anything - so she gets stuck with the fat kid (you know what I mean). When she is on the team she is accepted - but she has to get on it first.

Left at 12:10 - and was sitting in the Ritz Carlton at 1:10 - how is that for record time? (No kids at this brunch). It's the first time we have been there since the bomb went off, it wasn't too scary. There was a joke made when the door opened and the light fitting swayed due to the wind. But it was fine. We left at our prelunch planned 5 o clock (although J wanted to go out with them to EP (Eastern Promise) - but I sent the driver home (J tried to stay in the car so he could zoom off, but I was onto him)).

The family watched Aliens in the Attic - good movie - bit too much like ET though. He stopped sulking at 8 (when I told him he could go because the kids were in bed) - he didn't go out then - guess the thought of a taxi was too much for him (he knew they were still out because they were texting about "be the man").

At 4:30 am we were rocked out of our sleep by the garage door opening (the driver had arrived) - oh no - the alarm didn't go off (volume too low) - we raced to get C girl up. Then C girl and I raced off to the airport.

We met her school at 5:22 (early by 8 minutes - thanks Fobissea team with long memories). She has gone to Bali on the best camp I have ever heard of for a Year 6 child. They are getting home today - fingers crossed she had the best time ever. I have been so nervous that she isn't having a great time.

I rushed home from the airport because - Bear boy turned 8. That's right 8 years old. That means that only 4 years ago we returned from Phuket from our very first overseas trip (which confirmed to us that Aus is dull and we needed an adventure - and we have been here almost 3 years now (this month)). He cleaned up with a mobile phone, space police lego and a remote control helicopter. He was very happy.

On wed I went to doctor - I have a chest infection - that is why I haven't felt well since last Tuesday (and why I spent last Thursday in bed and still feel like someone is sitting on my chest).

This weekend - we have::::

7 hour football tournement where the two little ones will play 5 mini games (16 minutes each) and C girl will play 2 normal games (to decide on 1 - 4th place). As I am the coach for my son's team and J is the assistant coach (but tomorrow coach) for Munchkin's team - we will both miss C girls first game and may only get to see a tiny bit of her second game (depending on if they are playing for 1/2 or 3/4 at that stage. Hopefully their coach will play them in their correct position (he has a habit of moving them all over the pitch to give them experience - they still came 3rd out of 12 teams).

With Bear's team, we finished 2nd on the ladder, so I am feeling very confident that we may be able to pull off victory tomorrow (we haven't played the top team - but they are from our school and we know them). There are two party invites for after this tournament - at this stage I am saying that we aren't going anywhere after it. Enough.

On sunday, C girl has final tryouts (they have been cut down to 30 for ultimately 2 teams of 12). Then we have Bear's birthday party with 22 Year 3/4 boys doing - swimming, slip n slide, apple bobbing, chocolate game, treasure hunt, pinata and (drum roll) - we have two bamboo logs strapped together - each player comes from each side with a noodle - then whoever knocks the other off wins - yes - it just has disaster written all over it. Munchkin has even invited a boy as her friend because we know her girl friends will shake with fear and she will spend the whole party being a good friend and not going wild with the boys.

As soon as the party finishes (3pm) - we have to prepare to go to school for the Bonfire night (guy fawkes night late). I'm helping with the alcoholic drinks so I shouldn't be too run off my feet (fingers crossed). Luckily it finishes at 7. No movie night this week (will need to have on Sat instead).

So how is that for a mad week? And next week we are going to Phuket for football from wed - Sun. Bear and C girl are playing for school - I'm going to watch. Most of the parents are staying together (well the social ones are anyway) - fingers crossed I am back to 100% before wednesday.

Did I mention anywhere that I love being a Soccer Mum. That's right - love it. There is no sacrifice here when it comes to watching a game with my child in it - even when they lose every game of the season.

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