Thursday, 19 November 2009

Phuket Football

This is the 5 shattered teams just after the U11 girls lost in the final. C girl was devestated. A girl from the other team had her in a lock with the referee a few meters away - 3 times - every time our team had a goal kick. They lost 0-1 and she was devestated - with me. How could I let anyone do that to her and not stop it (it wasn't for lack of wanting to - J had hold of the back of my t shirt).

So now KLASS (who definitely have no class) are at the top of my DIRTY list. Harrow were at the top - but the KLASS coach told them to do it (Yes I can prove it (we walked past when he had this one girl off to the side going through the tactics) and they played FOUL (as in EVERYONE on the team played foul). The refereeing was ridiculous - to the point where I thought the kids should catch the ball - there were no "handballs" anywhere and the pushing and pulling (and arm locks) was ridiculous. One of our girls got such a big kick in the back of the leg that she went down and out (but the ball wasn't even near her at the time of this). As usual - our school played cleanly. It only got us two 2nds, one 4th and 2 last (the two youngest teams of their league), but they did it as good sports.

Anyway - I know I sound bitter - but the parents of the girls team were staying in the same hotel- we usually get along alright (and that is after losing in both directions) - but after such a dirty game - I couldn't trust myself to even be in the same bar (we went to the beach instead - which was pretty great at sunset). Luckily the kids get over it pretty quick. They came second after all (from 9 teams). Poor old Bear's team came last - got whipped in every game. But they put up a big fight and were the youngest team. You wait for next year - they will be in the same age group - and they might even win a game or two.
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johnorford said...

put the game down to experience, i suppose.

my grand dad taught me to play dirty (when i was v young come to think of it : )) came in useful playing in back streets - not that i'd condone that type of play...