Thursday, 11 June 2009


We went to Sambolo in March for the long weekend. It happened to be Jenjen and Jay's birthday so it was a double celebration. We stayed in our usual 4 bedroom bungalow.....6 kids, 4 adults (a 5th adult for one night) and one spare bedroom (not when the 5th adult was there) do the math...and we chose this.

Yes - she does surf. This isn't her board - but who says five year olds can't have fun (okay - 5 years 11 months). She had a great time while GJ stood out in the surf for 4 hours helping her. You've got to admit - she has surfer chick written all over her - just glad she's doing the surfing and not waiting patiently on the beach for some boy.........

There really is something special about catching waves.....I love fact the whole time Munchkin surfed, I was boogie boarding just meters had nothing to do with wanting to be there incase I needed to help.....nothing at all. C girl was very cautios - but at least she was out steps.

In fact we all have the bug for boogie boarding.......the alternative of course is the river. But for some reason the kids felt overdressed for that one.

Going to Ocean Queen next month for a long weekend (before the Aussie tour) are not going in the ocean at all. Have only recently read the story of a family with children older than ours. 3 of the 4 family members (both parents) almost drowned along with 4 other adults in their party. These were not people who didn't know how to swim. We are using the pool and believe me - not going past our ankles in the ocean. We may sound pathetic - but the ocean here is unlike anything that I have ever encountered. I just want to come home and still have 5 people in my family.....happy thoughts.

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