Sunday, 21 June 2009

Gorgeous girls

C girl recently got the urge to shop (don't fall over). She wanted a special dress for the gala dinner after the sports competition she was competing in over in Kuala Lumpur (more on that when the photos are on the computer (there was a major hiccup)).

She spotted this dress in March and wanted to go back and see if it was still there - she was in luck. Luckily the shoes were close by and the total shopping time from our door back to our door was 1.25 hours - and that included a lap of ACE hardware. These photos were to show off the dress for our friends who popped over.

Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.......would it.........

But this one - hold the butter

You can dress a girl up - but you can't make her act like one.

Please note - this was a sunday - we have no staff on sundays and can do massive damage in a very small time (especially when there are 4 sports bags to be packed and they haven't already been done for some reason).

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