Sunday, 6 December 2009

Jakarta Allstars

We've just had a completely football mad weekend. Coca Cola tryouts from 8 - 9:30 on Sat morning - then off to JIS for the JYS Allstars weekend for U11. It was a trial tournament to see if there was interest for the overseas tournaments that are held for the U13 and up age group.

After a month of tryouts and coaching, C girl played her heart out. Unfortunately only a 3rd place - they lost the first game, after losing heart in the second half (and they played the first half brilliantly).

C girl was the only girl in the tournament - but she knew at least half the boys in the two JYS teams, having played /trained with at least half of them over the past year in two seperate leagues. When the white team played the blue team, it ended in a draw, so they were pretty evenly spread (but the white team won (beating Arsenal)) - but great fun overall and I am pretty happy she was in the blue team.

Seeing Santa this afternoon at the ANZA kids christmas party. Need finish the weekend quietly with a party.

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