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NZ Aug 2008

This is the Jakarta to Singapore route - first class. How wasted is that leg room? Qantas double booked and we had to fly to Brisbane with Singapore. It meant going to Singapore then departing off the plane in Brisbane at 6am jakarta time. The scheduled flight had us going straight from jakarta to Sydney, going through customs at 3am jakarta time (with three kids by myself), then transferring to domestic and flying to brisbane - arrival similar time. We were physically jumping up and down in the air with happiness at having been bumped. It was actually disappointing to get through customs and being in the airport (it took 15 minutes from plane to rental car office). We were normal people again.....boohoo.

Who are these colourful fashionistas? I barely recognise these kids. The only surviving ski wear is the red ski jacket.........

Did I mention that last year we went to NZ for an adrenalin filled holiday?

Who is this purple girl? Why does she look so happy? 5 days of skiing will do that for you.

Shotover jet.

Yes we did the shotover jet (without tears - they are for babies, not 5 year olds). Lots of 360's and going really close to rocks. Failed to scare me though - I've gone backwards at night without lights/engine in a 10 seater wooden flimsy boat down the Barito river with Coal Barges pulling 5,000 tonnes of coal towards us (and yes - it was our coal). A 4 tonne boat with a well trained operator who does the exact run 5 times a day does not scare anyone. It was a tonne of fun. Expensive for the time that you are on it - so it's not a repeat on the same visit thing - but it was definitely worth doing.

This is J. I did it when he had proven it could be done safely. He asked for his arms to be wet (idiot), he was wet to his waist (and very lucky we had some extra clothes in the car because this was the only midday). C girl really wanted to do it - but she was 1kg too light (and would have been the youngest by 1 1/2 years). I wasn't really upset about that - not sure I could have coped with my baby jumping from such a height. I understand the thrill though. In my hometown I was one of the youngest kids to ever jump off the canal bridge (and my Mum was there to watch). Now of course there is a sign telling everyone it's too dangerous as the river below is too warming I think, same.

On our one day without skiing, we did the Shotover jet, bungee, a beautiful drive to a country pub where we had a fabulous lunch, then a quick drive up to the snow field where we hadn't gone to skiing (because it was an hour away). We didn't make it all the way. We stopped at this great little spot and had a snow fight, made snow angels and had a snow fight.

This is the view from our apartment. It was 2 minutes walk from some great resturants and take away places. We could cook a hearty breakfast before skiing, then when we got home we could either take the kids out for dinner (really yum Italian restaurant and Irish Pub), or cook the kids steak and vegies and we could have thai or indian. We had a car for our stay, so we could go and come from the mountain whenever we wanted. Ski lessons were only 2 hours twice a day (and yes - we were the nasty parents who put our kids in twice a day). But they improved immensely and as the lessons started at 10, we didn't have the issue with HIM (Dad) who wants everyone dressed and ready to go at the crack of dawn (or at the bus stop 10 minutes before the bus is due to come).

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