Friday, 10 July 2009

Summer (winter) holidays

We've just finished the first week of 7 weeks of holidays.

The holidays started with a bang. Went to Amigo's for dinner last friday night. It was overrun with kids from our school so Bear boy, C girl and 3 of her closest friends (who were at our house for a sleepover) went there for a lovely dinner (can anyone say - pitcher of long island tea). There was a party for the kids finishing year 7. Two other mothers of girls C girls age joined me in studying the dynamics of the year 7 girls/boys. I think they must go backwards before they go forward again (boys/girls dynamics). It was very funny, but also very scary to think our girls might be there in two short years. I think the boys from year 5 are more mature than the year 7 boys (or they are better friends with the girls to start off with, so don't have the issue).Munchkin went on a sleepover for friday and saturday. She went to the new water slide park on the sat. Considering the family she went with have 2 twins her age, plus they took another friend, plus a 2 year old - they did great. The report is it is not up to western standards (so noone from this family will be ever returning). A child died at waterslide park here on Friday (didn't know until the sunday) - believed to have happened under a raft in the wave pool.

On sat night C girl went on a sleepover - Munchkin was still on hers, Bear boy had a friend sleepover. In a moment of silence, they decapitated and delegged 7 bratz dolls - not recoverable. I don't believe they knew that they were completely broken.....but the punishment lego bought in Aus (that is a very harsh punishment (target toy sale starts on the 23rd).
On sat night (while the boys were terrorising the doll collection), J and I went to a farewell dinner. We ended up at Eastern Promise - an excellent band later and a quite quick night ended at 2am.
On sunday we took the little people to brunch at the ritz carlton with some friends. 7 victorians, 1 nsw, 1 qld and 1 whinging pom. Had a great time. The boys ended at the FEZ bar to watch the AFL clash and the wives and kids ended up at our house for pizza, champagne and a play.
C girl and Bear have been doing a soccer academy all week and today was the finish. C girl won the best player/attitude for the U10 age group. She did pretty well considering Bear boy expects her to do exceedingly well and when she misses a chance at goal has no issue in berating her. She learnt some neat tricks and now wants to do ASA 3 times a week. Not sure she can commit - considering she is thinking of doing swimming 5 times a week - think that there is schoolwork that needs to fit in there - somewhere.
Off to Aus next week. A great week of skiing is expected. Looking forward to it immensely. Will have to go to QLD for 2 weeks first - but there are some great friends to catch up with while we are there - so the time between us getting there - and J arriving will be pretty quick.

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