Monday, 13 July 2009

QLD July 2008

When we were in QLD last time - we went to Movieworld.....

And seaworld (each are only 10 minutes in opposite directions from the grandparents house).

We even had Nan, Grandma and Grandpa together for a whole week. Boy - did the kids get some serious attention that week. They had 6 grandparents - and these three were/are the best as far as attention, respect and wanting them to grow into well rounded, real and amazing people (yes this is actually the middle of qld).

This is my favorite view. It's on the way home (away from Australia) as we fly from Sydney to Singapore.....this view is consistent for hours. As a child I got to sit in the back seat for 36 hours as we drove from east to west and vica versa around 10 times. I hated it. The fact that I get to fly right over it in 4 hours........and I'm not expected to entertained by it, or stop for "exploring" (code word for - got to go to the toilet every 3 - 4 hours, if we stop the car let's turn it into a camera occasion). Geologically though - it is pretty cool.

This is Australia. It is why I don't explore in Australia. Trust me - I have been to places that people don't even know exist (for a good reason) - and spent weeks/months there. Bring on a well watered tropical forest or beautiful european countryside (or snow) any day.
We are going there in a few days. Seaworld is a definite because Munchkin is tall enough to do the Corkscrew - so she is tall enough now for all the adult rides - plus you really can't get enough of dolphins can you? Movieworld and Dreamworld are going to get missed this time. Compared to Disneyland - Movieworld is way overpriced and does not give the little kids enough action. Dreamworld is great - but I can't do alone with the kids as it has some great rides, but both littel ones need an adult to supervise each and it's really a more spring/autumn venue.
Taking the kids skiing in Aus for the first time - also taking them to their first MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) AFL (Australian Football League) football game. I haven't been for 19 years (and that was my first time). Really looking forward to it - the kids have NEVER seen an AFL game in their entire lives (we lived in NSW when in Aus, they are into Rugby League).
Considering J and I grew up where everyone was watching it all weekend (even the grandparents)- it will be an educational experience for them - they will have no idea what is going on - but the atmosphere will be electric (North Melbourne vs Carlton - J's team vs the Enemy (my team is Collingwood)). It will be huge.
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