Wednesday, 22 July 2009

QLD July 2009

We are currently in QLD enjoying a very mild winter. Kids are having a great time with their grandparents. Having the same issue I have every year - they don't want to go anywhere because they are perfectly happy playing here all day.

Today they have spent a massive amount of time with Grandpa making wooden warships out of wood. They do the woodwork one at a time, so it is a huge task for Grandpa. But he loves it - which is so nice for the kids to have a grandfather who wants to spend time with them.

Tomorrow is the big Target Toy Sale and the catalogue has been poured through, lists have been written and it should take a total of 1/2 hour there in the morning because they already know what they want.

The weather has been beautiful, we have been doing daily scooter rides and park plays. The other day we even went scootering along a beach path and ended up on a spit where people were fishing and the ocean stretched out as far as we could see. It was truly glorious.

Yesterday was Seaworld. M girl was finally tall enough to go on the corkscrew - plus she was big enough for the new ride - the jetski rescue - really good fun. We went on them around 20 times (until I was going to be sick). Also saw the oldies but goodies - imagine dolphin show, seal show, 4 D SOS movie and pedal boats. Add to that all the little ones ride (carousel, helicopters, climbing, trucks) and we had a very full day.

But the best bit - I can get up at any time and then either go for a run or a swim. If I'm not back before 10:30 - guess what - no one cares.....guess no one did at home anyway - but I don't like to waste that much of the day doing exercise. I am only getting 1 hour of exercise in - but not leaving until's all very relaxing.

J comes over on Sat. Then the real holiday will begin. He stated that the Outback Spectacular looked .......okay. So he misses out - we are going on Friday night.;Google;Outback

Have a look - it's really going to be great. Plus we are taking Grandma and Grandpa - so they are also very excited as they have lived here every winter for the last 20 years and only get to go to the tourist things when we come and shout them.

Don't worry - I won't come back to Jakarta with a cowboy hat (or one that isn't a surfie chick one).

Before you ask - I feel like a bit of traitor that I wasn't in Jakarta during the bombs. Happy no one from my family was there. J actually rang me about 10 minutes after it happened. He was no where near it (not even in Jakarta), but was in Indonesia. Security had been quite relaxed. We were at the Ritz Carlton for brunch less than 2 weeks earlier. Security will be on high alert again now. I feel bad for my friends who are there and are in a state of panic still.

I think I'll keep to my favorite shopping centre (where you rarely see another foreigner) and have some lunches at home or in small establishments for a long while.

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