Saturday, 16 January 2010

Farewells to friends

We've had very emotional week. While we were away our very best friends (who we could drop in on at any time and who organised 100% of our non school socialising) moved into our house after their furniture was packed.

We got home from holiday on Saturday morning totally jet lagged and unable to sleep at night, but with our friends staying with us.

We really made the most of the week. I spent Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with Jen. The kids missed school on Monday and Friday (for extra play time). Everyone had tears in their eyes these photos.

One last Jenny pose (for a few months anyway). You've got to admit - the Jenny pose does work well. Unfortunately this is part of living as an expat. It hurts like a pain in the chest, but friends in these places are so precious and so a part of surviving (and thriving), it would be horrible to not have such great friends to start off with.