Thursday, 21 January 2010

Showing my Age (or trying hard not to)

How old am I? Like seriously - 15?

If you don't have this album you should get it. There are about 8 great songs on it and I have listened to at least one of them every day since I got the album in November.

I would even consider taking C girl to a concert - as that concert is definitely not likely to be in Indonesia or Singapore (read - totally homophobic countries - and he is just way too out there for them), then it would have to be Perth or Hong Kong. That doesn't sound too bad now does it?

Favorite TV show - Dexter. This is dark, funny and very weird. He's a serial killer and the main character - who you actually like. I can't watch this alone (or should I say, J does not like to miss out). Still on Season 2 - but catching up really fast. Love it.
Note - just saw that the actor won the golden globe award for best actor - how cliche am I to even mention it now (and talk about late onto the bandwagon (it's at season 4)).

Favorite Book to Movie - The lovely Bones. It is a scary, sad movie and I have read the book. It is slightly different (as in I can't remember having the same feelings about the ending). I had to stop it twice because I couldn't watch it alone (and had to go get J, but was shaking so much it took a while for him to work out what I wanted). All he could say is - you've read the book, you already know what is going to happen.
Looking at the list above. I seem to be a very strange, dark person don't I?
Don't care I'm afraid. I am what I am.

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Tanya said...

Love Dexter too and Weeds, Big Love and Mad Men discovered just The Inside which is v. v. dark but gritty and sucks you in. Love the Lovely Bones too and Where the Wild Things are which is exactly how I imagined. I do get piss*d off tho when I find a series I love (there is SO much c@#p out there) get absorbed and they cancel it!! Dead Like Me, The Riches and Pushing Daisies are classic egs.