Sunday, 17 January 2010

Venice - Jakartarocks style

I have over a thousand photos to go through. I will write about the trip in a series of sections. Venice is first because it was the most recent great experience.

We went to visit Venice on the Wednesday before leaving Italy. We stayed in Bologna on the night before and after the visit - we didn't want to kill the atmosphere with 5 suitcases (not to mention 2 coffees, 3 hot chocolates and 2 croissants cost 40 euro (but we were served by a man in a dinner suit).

We travelled by train there and back. Had an issue with the train on the way back, but the trip was not too long or short. Got a water taxi down the grand canal to San Marco square. Walked around, got a gondola ride, took the lift up the bell tower, walked around all the shops buying this and that, and walked back to the train station (which was breathtaking, easy and a lovely way to look around). Kids didn't moan too much about the walk - too impressed by the buildings.

Our first view of Venice. Water bus from Train station to San Marco.

The official family photo - in front of the church we didn't take our children through and didn't get them to climb (we have mercy).

Jenny Pose - don't we look glamorous

The girls got along brilliantly on the trip. Poor Munch was unfortunately dropped like a sack of potatoes when we got home, but they were very close on the trip.

Do you think these kids have any idea how lucky they are? Poor kids were looking for a gondola like the ones at the snow (which explains why they kept saying - where, I don't see a gondola, where - there is absolutely no gondola where I am looking)....

I know we don't look like we are on a honeymoon, but don't we look "in love"?

It's a pretty unique situation to be on one - the kids discussed honeymoons on this ride........but I intend to be back on my "no kids" moon (you know, when all the kids leave home and you get a really cool holiday).

The water was amazingly clean. The buildings amazingly beautiful and old.

The view from the bell tower. Very beautiful view - you can imagine how beautiful it must be in summer (and how crowded).

On the walk back to the station.

Another bridge - another breathtaking view

Beautiful buildings around every corner

The last view of Venice (on bridge on the way back to the station)


Dave said...

Looks like you guys live an interesting and adventure-filled life as well! Thanks for dropping by my blog. To answer your question, my wife and kids will be back February 23rd or there abouts.

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Tanya said...

Brilliant photos -I know where to come if our PC gets fried again ;)Love your comment about the 'no kids moon' we are almost (2 1/2 yrs to go) there but Im hoping the boys will still come sometimes esp the youngest as he is sooo laid back he is a dream to travel with.