Wednesday, 10 February 2010

7 days in Rome

Where we stayed in Rome was fantastic - as you can see from above - Rome may not have had the largest shops - but it had the essentials - above - toy/model shop that sold Lego train track and doll clothes.

We stayed in Largo Argentina - this fountain is 100 steps from our door. The apartment was on the 2nd floor, up a winding, very narrow staircase (yes I did help carry the suitcases, but it was still pretty cute). It was a 1900 building. The fountain is just another example of Rome, turn the corner, there is a another photo moment.

An excellent crepe shop was between our dinner piazzo (compo de fiori) and where we lived. We had dinner at a different resturant every night within the square and the kids got crepes on the way home. That's a 5kg jar - the nutella crepes from here are better than any we have ever had (and we started having them in France 2 1/2 years ago and have them everywhere we go now(including every sunday morning since (thanks to C girl), so we think we are experts now.
Our unit had enough room to swing a cat (or doll). Can't say we spent much daytime in it, but it was warm and adequately furnished.

Our view from the front window. There is a lane in front of the car on the left. Down that lane (no bigger than 2m wide) is the main street (via Arenula) running from the main drag (vittorio Emanuele II) down to the Tevere river. This was a quiet spot but seriously close to bus and tram spots - plus 1 stop from piazza venezia (centre of Rome). Great spot.

Only downside of renting an apartment - you have to clean it before you leave. Lucky we have eager helpers who still think housework is fun (due to lack of experience). This was lounge/Bear bedroom.

Shocking photo right (that's what you get when you hand someone a camera and tell them to take photos to remember it by). Front door on the right, kitchen ahead (taken from the loungeroom).

Kitchen - used for breakfast daily (this is the only time it was ever this clean).

Dining room (only used to rest computers on).

Main bedroom - other end to lounge.
Up to the loft above kitchen (girls room).

Furniture not top of the range - but for 7 days/nights I could not have stayed in a hotel (especially as there doesn't seem to be adjoining rooms).

View from the kitchen window. Would go back tomorrow to this unit. Found it on the B&B accomodation website ( in Rome. Cost 1600 Euro for 7 nights for 5 people - I think that is pretty good for peak period and the privacy it gave us. It didn't have internet or washing machine/dryer - but we found both a few blocks away, life would have been easier if we had it (due to J's ongoing work commitments while on holidays). Funnily it didn't have a TV -itw as in the middle of changing from analog to digital - not sure why that makes a difference - but we unplugged the one at the snow, so not sure we would have used it anyway.

It was our 16th wedding anniversary on the 1st Jan. I was a little hungover after having too much to drink the night before (new years eve outside the colluseum). After a 2 hour lunch with the kids in the quaint area of Trastevere, we leisurley took them home (discovering more treasures on the way) and then walked around the massive block of the colluseum/Roman Forum & Circo Massimo (the place where they did the chairot races) in a light rain while the kids watched a dvd at the unit (yes - we are bad parents (but we were only 10 minutes away if they rang).
So not only was our trip to Italy each other's xmas presents, it was also our anniversary presents as well - I can't imagine getting anything else that I would have loved more.


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