Sunday, 21 February 2010

Soccer Kids

I always wanted to be a soccer Mum, but this weekend was crazy.

No J unfortunately as he is gone with work. But Bear and C girl had brilliant games yesterday (in that they were close and nail biters) - both got through with wins in the league.

Today we had 3 official games. Bear's got a win so they are through to the next round. Munch is in a C division and they played an A team, that's the luck of the draw unfortunately. We played a local Indonesian school. They showed a lot of mercy and our kids got 3 goals (after the other team got a 5 goal head start - which they kept as a buffer). At the end of our game our kids were disappointed, but not gutted. I'm the coach and am very proud of my kids - they played their heart out and had no subs for the entire game.

C girl played the other big international school. She is in the B division and they played the A division team. When the score was 0-7 and the best team were still in position (ie - no mercy), plus the parents from the other team were laughing so loudly that it was impossible to ignore, the game was stopped. There was still 4 quarters, but the last one was only 3 minutes long. It wasn't all the parents - but unfortunately they were really loud and our kids were really upset about it (plus - why didn't I do anything????). The mercy rule is there for a reason - a loss is a loss at 6 -0, it doesn't need to be 20 - 0, they still learn to lose.

So after that, the C team in the same age group had turned up with no-one to play. So the B team played the fresh and ready C team. Bear got a play and was the first person to score for the game - he's feeling like king at the moment - he's 3-4 years younger than everyone on the pitch. Anyway, both teams finished with a decent score on both sides and heads held high.

The two oldest played 2 hours of football in the blistering heat of Jakarta - have no idea how they do it but I love watching (under the shade of a big umbrella).

Massive bribing in the way of a TRIPLE ice-cream was paid on the way home (you try to convince a 6 year old to stay at football for an extra 1 hour to watch a practice match, after she had already watched an hour long game) - she held my hand on the way off the pitch and asked innocently -"how come your so nice when Dad's away" - um let me see....... I lack imagination.

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