Thursday, 25 February 2010

Have a little Faith

I just finished this book - it is fantastic.

It isn't written for the Jewish faith and it isn't written for the Christian faith. It is just the true story of a guy who was asked to write the eulogy for another man, then decided to find out more about him- the guy he was finding out about just happened to be his Rabbi.
What it definitely isn't is "shoving religion down anyone's throat".
When I was a child I lived in an intensely religious family - you know - God is the guy at the end the table, the third person in any conversation. So I generallly run a mile from anything with a religious theme - but this book - it's not like that - he isn't trying to convert anyone.
It's a 4 hour book - not much of an investment in time. But it will stay with you for a lot longer - and what you remember is the life lessons.

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