Saturday, 20 February 2010

Borneo - Trip 13

Once upon the time there was an Indian, two Japanese, a Chinese Indonesian and a female it's not the start of a joke. But I just completed another succesful trip to central Kalimantan. Only two nights away from the kids this time as we managed to get a flight instead of drive 10 hours each way. Excellent company as well - so really great time away (flying instead of driving makes the whole experience that much easier).
The food wasn't too bad. Yes they are oranges on the left - so gives you an idea of how big the prawns are.

See those little rectangles on the side of the river - they are toilets. That's right, the prawns are from THIS river. Yum - anyone hungry? Seriously - they taste delicious and who knows what's in ones that you get from other places.

The views on the river are spectacular at sunset/sunrise. It hasn't rained up there for 2 weeks and it is blisteringly hot - Dec and Jan had record rainfall, so it's not a drought. Where we went straddles the equator - this is the first trip I have made where there was no rain for the whole time we were up there. It is a stunning place when there is rain.
Definitely the best part about flying and the mandatory 4+ hour waits in airports, I finished the Millenium Trilogy - OMG, they are fantastic books. I'm not going to be able to pick up another book for at least a few days as I need to savour the ending.

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