Thursday, 15 January 2009

Back from Borneo

I made it back alive and still awake (just).

We drove from 5:30pm - 3am last night. Mercifully we took the 9:20am flight this morning so we had some sleep in Banjamarsin.

But I now know how the kids feel. When we stopped for a toilet stop (photos will follow - beyond imagination) I kept having local people ask for a photo with me. Very funny - especially the part about "so beautiful", yeah all my fatigued glory. Hot shower, how I miss you so.

Photos and summary of my environmental mission will follow. But I really loved this trip. Although it was my 7- 8th trip (I think), it was the ice breaker for my two bosses and myself. At the minesite, we don't have hot water (I ask for a bucket of water to be boiled because I am a weakling and have no need to look mucho), I have an airconditioner, but most people there don't. BUT, we have Chivas and we have pay tv with the movies channel - go VIP (but I wish there was a shower).

So on Tuesday night, we watched Step Up and I felt horrible for making these 30+ year old men watch a chick flick. But, I hadn't seen it, I had the remote and they were chain smoking, it's only fair that I get something that I want. When I went to bed, I switched it over to the Texas Chainsaw massacre. Half hour later I heard it on......guess what.....TITANIC.

At 1am I awoke to "My heart will go on......" Are you kidding. I got up, all 3 (there was a ringin) were sitting there CRYING. I had to say - come on girls - it's time for bed. When I meet your wives I am going to tell them that you happily watched Titanic - and CRIED.

From that point on, the ice was broken completely. It was actually a really great trip. Or maybe I am still so sleep deprived that I am delirious.

I have seen the kids, they are all fine. I have done two jigsaw puzzles and played a card game with Munchkin and Bear and C girl disappeared within 10 minutes of setting foot in the house to play soccer instead. All is right with the world.

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