Monday, 26 January 2009

Canada Part 6

This photo is taken at many meters above sea level - it was beyond freezing. I have 6 layers in the top half of my body alone (and 5 are supposedly thermal - ha), 2 layers on the bottom half, 2 pairs of socks, 2 heaters in each foot, glove liners, gloves, 2 heaters per hand, hat liner, hat and 2 hoods. I was lucky to move, let alone ski. Not complaining - I didn't complain about it - in retrospect though it seems a tad extreme.

We woke on Christmas morning and spent the requisite time on presents (before skiing). Santa was both clever and stupid this year. Last year he spent all night looking for the kids and by the time he found them (in switzerland), he had already deposited the presents in Indonesia out of panic. This year, they told him where they would be. So he gave them a photo of what was waiting under the tree back in Jakarta. The two little ones carried these photos with them (and whispered to each other that they could not wait to get home). For C girl - he gave her a soccer t shirt and hat. She was so disappointed. As she said - I don't know how he got it so wrong - I don't even like that team. I like Arsinal. What an idiot - come on Santa - get your act together. Your letting the team down.

Christmas day was spent skiing Sunshine Valley. The kids were in ski school - but this was the explorers ski school. 3 mountains, 3 days, runs all over (we only saw them once per child over 3 days). So they started on xmas day and did Sunshine valley, then Lake Louise and finally Norquay.

On Christmas night we had a buffet in the hotel - very nice, with tonnes of ham (we live in a Muslim country - we appreciate pig). The next three days passed with skiing and showing off in the afternoon. It wasn't as cold - but it was still in the mid -20 degrees CELCIUS.

This was at Norquay after their final lessons. We went up to the top and skiied down (they insisted on doing the jumps). Norquay was the least fun of the three - but we ended up on the double black diamond run - so we didn't shirk in the face of an obstacle - and we survived. Great bonus.

This is on the last day in Sunshine Valley - where we chose to spend the last day (it was that or Lake Louise again). We just had a full day of family skiing. The fact that this is on top of a mountain is so cool. Only 1 year ago - the kids couldn't ski down so we could never have had a photo at the top. But now - no problem - they can all ski black runs at a pinch, blue is better (and speed up on the sides because it's a bit dull). Bear has overpassed Munchkin on skiing ability, C girl is miles ahead - but she is 3 years ahead. I need lessons to make sure I can keep up.

Please don't ask us to spend a xmas away from the snow. It is so much fun skiing and it is so much more fun than sitting around having a meal in the middle of the day. Plus there are no long lines - yippee. It is our family time and I love it.

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