Saturday, 24 January 2009

Canada Part 5

We got into Banff at lunchtime. Planned out the rest of the day and then basically ran (literally). But it was worth it - we did some pretty great things on her birthday.

We fit in Ice skating on her birthday as well. The two girls are naturals, but Bear struggles a bit. It was at Banff Springs (fairmont hotel) - very flash hotel. A bit out of town (and we walked there) - but we don't need to stay somewhere flash when we are on holidays - we live flash at home, it's nice to rough it sometimes (okay - not everyones definition of roughing it, but for us it was alright).

We fitted in a sleigh ride (absolutely the lamest thing we did on our holiday) - far too cold for a sleigh ride - and don't go thinking a sprint through a snow palace. It was a 30 seater, full to the brim, through a back paddock. I asked the driver to let me know when we were 10 minutes from stopping so I could call a taxi. Munchkin tried to sing christmas carols (since it was christmas eve) - but no one joined in - but it makes for a nice photo (we will definitely do it in Europe this christmas as theirs were smaller and more like what you think of when you sing jingle bells).

Note on the hat - I didn't realise it looked that lame when I bought it - I might give it to Munchkin (she's wearing my hat I got in NZ in August). I promise I will spend more than 1 minute looking next time.

The kids hate these jumpers. I got them for last christmas (in switzerland), but when they saw them they just refused to wear them. They have to wear them on Christmas Eve and Christmas night - those are the two dressed up occassions (skiing during the day for christmas, so it's a no brainer). Birthday cake (again) at The Keg - a great steak house (and that is something that you really miss in Jakarata).

Daddy's litle girl. Butter really wouldn't melt in her mouth.

I think her best birthday ever.

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