Friday, 9 January 2009

C Girl is now 10

This beautiful girl is now 10.

Okay, it was on Christmas Eve 2008, I've had 2 weeks to come to term with it. But next year she will be 12 and will be in Year 7. How did that happen? She is already telling me how she will live on the other side of the world than her brother and sister. But she wants us to visit - so that makes me happy.

Thank you my beautiful, compassionate, list making, caring, planning guru, computer whiz, unique, non girly, soccer starring, clever, question asking, interested in everything, card making, engaging, fantastic big girl.

I have always been very proud of and as you and as you get another year older - I can't believe I still have the priviledge of sharing your life.


PS - yes there are ice crystals on her eyelashes and hair - it really was that cold.

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