Thursday, 15 January 2009

Leader in Me

While away I finished reading my non fiction selection for the week.

This book is fantastic. I want the Principal, Board of Trustees, Board of Governors and Senior Management team of my kids school to read this (because once they have read it I am sure they will want to implement it). I want to help implement something like this at our school. I almost bought 20 copies of it today (to distribute) when I saw it in the bookshop on the way home from airport (it was attached to a starbucks). I didn't because I have to think about the approach first.
It talks about teaching kids from 5 years of age upwards the 7 habits of highly effective people.

When I first tried to read 7 habits, it was 1994. I didn't have any kids, I had just gotten married and graduated from Uni. I needed to do a lot of growing up, I needed to work on my EQ). I didn't really pay much attention. I remember telling my boss I had read it - but I only skimmed it.

In 2004 I listened to it on cd. I suddenly listened. I had 3 kids. I remember thinking - I have to put this on a poster and teach my kids this. I want them to understand this when they are 5, not 33. They will be so far ahead of everyone they are competing with for jobs if they understand this (and will live more productive happy lives - honest, I thought that as well).

I didn't make that poster (it's on my list for next week - promise). But another person who learnt it thought - hey, I want to teach my kids this. She just happened to be a principal of a school. Not only did she do it - but the program reaped massive rewards for the kids in the school. Other schools followed. This book is about how to take that message to kids - and how they are doing so all over the world with huge rewards (and this is not a change in curriculum, it's a change in mindset).

Now, I happen to love the kids school almost as much as they do (it is so much better than what was available to us in Australia). But this would put the icing on the cake and as far as implementation - this school has outstanding staff and management already - so I think it is just a case that they don't know about it, not that they choose not to do it.

Anyway - recommended reading for anyone who wants their own children to be outstanding citizens (you know - the ones who when they get a job, have the social skills along with the work smarts).

And on the lines of getting that poster - we started reading this at night last week. After we complete it - we will make a poster for the toilet (is there a better place to put a poster?). Then, we will make a mission statement for the family.

OMG - I can't remember the name of someone who is as idealistic as me. Where's my grey now?

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