Sunday, 6 December 2009

C girl birthday party

160,000 rp bamboo sticks (AUD20) - entertainment value - priceless

Posted by PicasaC girl had her birthday party a few weeks ago. It was a combined birthday party with 2 other girls in Year 6. It started as a pool party in the same place as last year and ended with a disco at one of the girls houses. It was a pretty great party - 35 kids, only siblings and the rest Year 6 kids. No riots or fights, everyone happy and getting along great.

the birthday girls
(why does C girl take after me when it comes to clothes and looking scruffy?)

Definitely the biggest hit was the disco. We waited until just on dark before we moved the kids over to the house. The bamboo torches were burning in the entry path, lei's were given to the girls to wear and swimming tubes were given to the boys (we couldn't find good water pistols and they still want to take home a present). When they entered there were bamboo torches burning outside the windows and the house was in darkness. There was a disco light (with coloured lights shining on it), a smoke machine, video/photo images on a big screen, glow stick bracelets and lots of kids killing the songs with their "singing" along.

Killing an otherwise good song

These boys can grove

Have no idea what we are going to do next year to top it. This year was half boys/girls - so that is an improvement on last year (where it was 90% boys, not that girls weren't invited, it's just they didn't come). Think we'll ditch the pool part and do something else around the disco (come on this is fun not hard work (and she isn't even 11 for another 18 days from now).

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Ellen said...

Hi I'm having my birthday in 2 weeks and would like to know where you got the glow stick bracelets??? I have looked at them online and can't get them earlier than 2 weeks... I also live in Jakarta ..... Reply is very much appreciated :) thanks