Monday, 21 December 2009

Italy First Days

We got here, and it was worth the view when we got up in the morning.

32 hours from door to door. Car, planes, trains, bus and feet – we missed the boat part. Kids were brilliant, Munch fell asleep on the bus but we had to wake her up to walk the final 1km to the hotel (the bus driver kindly pointed the direction).

We had a few delays on the way. Both planes delayed leaving, plane into Milan delayed while they checked the runway for ice. Dumb train route. We tried to research the way there but everything was abbreviated. The train system here is 20 years behind Germany. Ended up wasting a bit of time and then having one train cancelled, only to the have the next delayed, to then miss a connection. But we got to Pieter St Didier after 5 trains. Time from plane landing until we reached the hotel – 11 ½ hours. Yes – 11 ½ hours. No we are not insane – thought it was only going to take 5 -6 hours.

Also – still worth the view when we woke up this morning. As J said when we were waiting in a train station in one the most beautiful station I have ever seen in Milan, we could be sleeping in a hotel only to wake up and not be able to sleep tonight (and be in a city), or we can keep awake this way, end up in our new home (for a week) and sleep all night. The people watching opportunities were endless in the train station.

We did have one very big bonus though. On our walk to the hotel we met a lovely Australian who works with Inghams (people who organise packaged holidays). She helped us with a suitcase then checked us in, then helped us to our room, then invited us to join their package tour stuff. She also gave us the English version of the town itinerary for Christmas week (that is up everywhere in Italian). Now we can see Santa in a few spots, Plus see a possessed Christmas tree that does entertainment after wandering around town on the 26th. We will report back on that Italian tradition.

Kids went skiing for two hours yesterday with their Dad. I wasn’t skiing until Monday because I wanted to walk around the village and have a look (but I forgot the camera) – but the kids wanted to start asap. They were way too tired and it was -14 degrees celcius. Two hours was it – but it was a good start.

We had snow fall last night – so now everything is covered in a blanket of snow. It’s only going to be -1 today – perfect for skiing. J has been up since 3:30 and the kids and I have been up since 5:30. He’s been doing work – kids have been playing DS – still a bit jet lagged. The plan today is to ski this morning. When they burn out we will just come home and have a nap – as we have dinner plans tonight (5 course dinner with wine included (part of the Ingham tour)).

C girl has been going okay on the food front. When we booked this in May we told her she would be trying everything when we got here because the food here is not spicy. She doesn’t like chilli or curry (only breakfast doesn’t include one of these for me) so the kids eat their boring food while we eat the fun stuff when we are at home(advantage of a housekeeper). The kids have 5 vegetables a night, so they aren’t getting away with bad food, but their menu hasn’t changed for a long time. When I asked her a week ago what 3 new foods were on her list of foods she regularly ate she named 2 things that I didn’t know she had tasted – let alone have they been added to her menu. Her mission from this holiday is to have 5 new foods that she regularly eats and that she tries food without complaint (this means eating more than 1 mouthful). This means she is to taste everything. So far so good, only one pretend choking/vomiting act. She is about to turn 11 and I think it’s a bit late to teach her that sometimes you just eat what you are given, it’s not always going to be what you feel like.

Anyway – it will be daylight in less than an hour, so we had better tidy up a bit – no one is coming in to do it for us (this could take some getting used to).

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