Thursday, 24 December 2009

Today she is 11

C girl is 11 today. How much has our life changed in 11 years. From 6 pound 9 ounces of princess who we would each hold her hand as she fell asleep (Yes, we were suckers who later paid dearly for that) to a 40kg, swimming, athletic, football playing, great skiing young lady. Basically since the day she was born, nothing has been too good for this girl.

Yesterday we ended up at the Roman ruins in Aosta. On Tuesday night we ran into Suzy who told us about the tour going to Pila the next day. Pila is a snow resort that is in the mountains above Aosta. We decided to go and were very apprehensive at 7:45 when it was bucketing down with snow here in La Thuille. Pila is called – ski in the sky. It was sunshine, waist deep in powder and very beautiful. You could see the Materhorn in Switzerland and Mont Blanc in France from the slopes.

We started skiing with the group – but they were a bit slow – so we left them at 12 and did our own thing. Kids were a bit silly though (okay, I might have said stupid). You just can’t do anything in waist deep powder snow. To add more excitement, they went further and further into the fresh powder on the sides of the runs. There were a few jumps, so I can understand some of this. But after C girl almost got stuck and realised all I was going to do was add verbal support, she then went down 20m and did it again. Only this time a lot worse. After the crying started because she couldn’t move with one ski, it took me 20 minutes to find her other ski. I found lots of tree branches, but no ski for quite a while.

We skied there until 2:30, then came down to the bus, changed shoes and went off in search of shops and ruins. We found both. Not the same atmosphere as Germany in regards to Christmas, but it was definitely better than Jakarta. As for ruins – the city is built up around them. It’s part of the infrastructure – just happens to be a 2,000 year old wall as part of this building........found an excellent football fan shop – with all Italian stuff. Unfortunately Jack (otherwise known as “I’m hungry” or Luigi) wanted only Liverpool and couldn’t understand why we would not buy it from a shop in Italy (for 65 euro) – yes there were socks and shorts – but I haven’t even tried to find it in Jakarta - the real sort that is (that aren’t there own thermal heat machine). Will try there first, then relent.

Today we are going to France – fingers crossed the international crossing is open. We really want to have crepes for lunch. The plan after lunch is to go dog sledding (or mushing). Santa is going to be around town from 4:30 – so we need to be back for that. We are all having huge issues being awake after 9 and sleeping to after 6, so there will be no church tonight (it never has been but there is a very cute tradition after of sharing “panettone, hot chocolate and hot spiced wine. For us the day will end in Roast chicken (the birthday girls favourite) and fingers crossed – birthday cake (if we can organise it).

Everyone up now - just had a great unhealthy breakfast, poached eggs, thick bacon, french bread and strong coffee (okay - kids didn't have the coffee).

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