Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Italy - skiing

Tuesday -22nd. We just finished a second great day of skiing. We had 2 feet of snow overnight – powder (a word not familiar to Australians) – put the skiing at about 300% better than anything in Australia (and well worth the flight).

Kids are having a great time. In a routine now. Ski all day, come home for a movie, then out to dinner. Went to a great restaurant last night. Got the Ingham special (not the chicken people). 5 course dinner, with accompanied wine in a roman gothic restaurant. Kids just had steak and potato (and soup), we had the works. Delicious.

It is so funny skiing here, the language is so lovely and the way people talk to each other is stereotypical. We are calling the kids Franchesca, Luigi and Maria. Just realising now how racist Nintendo is. Everyone here seems to have the names you would expect (Fabio, Mario, Luigi etc) and all the speaking is straight out of a Mario bros game. We are putting an effort into speaking Italian with the following phrases – hello, we don’t speak Italian, do you speak English. Everyone has been responsive to that.

We have said about 100 times today how fabulous it is that our family is on this holiday. The kids are really enjoying skiing with us. They are really good and are doing the black runs without fear. J is having a great time going through thick powder – he has fallen off more than anyone – but that is because we aren’t as good as him and he is entertaining himself by doing tricks (and coming a croppa). I am practicing my 360 turns.

Lots of British people here and it’s really nice to hear their accent. They are the dags of Europe – so obviously I can totally relate.

The kids have experienced zero culture. There is a roman ruin in Aosto 1 hour away – we came through it (it was a 2 minute train change (where I had to run to buy the tickets for the next leg and had C girl screaming at me to ruuuuunnnnnnn Mummy). Imagine – Roman Ruins – and I’m soooooo close. Apparently I have to wait to be in Rome – then I can see as many roman ruins as I want (am I holding everyone to that).

The plan tomorrow is to ski in France – we haven’t done it yet – too tired yesterday and today there was too much snow. Tomorrow will be the charm.

Sorry – have to make my Indo – Italian comparison. Same – everyone seems to smoke everywhere AND (I am not obessed with toilets) yesterday we had coffee/hot chocolates in this cute little bar – and the toilets were squats. Yes, they were automatic flushing and had toilet paper (very unlike Indonesia on both fronts) – but you are kidding – I get sick of having to hold Munch over a toilet so she doesn’t fall in (especially annoying with ski gear). The kids skills on squat toilets are not increasing and frankly I don’t see this as a life skill of importance.

Kids just had a home made slushy. Snow from the roof outside our lounge window – with fruit juice poured over it. Big hit for the two little ones.

We are spending so much at the supermarket under us. We are so happy to have real food. Plus compared to Indo prices – we are getting a discount (bring on Rome).