Wednesday, 16 December 2009

We're all going on a summer holiday

We're all going on a summer holiday,
but we're going to the snow.
I just wish more snow would fall over there,
Cause otherwise I'll be have to do something other than ski........

and the kids can't do happy hour for more than an hour (as L can confirm when Bear ran through the snow with no shoes on (who's that kid out there without a shoe on - oh dear (negative 20 degrees celcius), that's one of mine.....oops.

Who could be sad to be going on 3 weeks holiday to a country you have only ever dreamed of going to???????? Real Italian food - I have only ever heard of you......

Not me - new snow or not - I am having a FREEEZING white christmas - I AM SO HAPPY.

In 2 days, my wandering husband (who was home for 6 hours last night before leaving again (he left last friday)) - is going to be with his family for 3 whole weeks. Yes, there will be a blackberry involved, but as a friend of mine once said (referring to me and my 9 weeks a year of leave) - people who can go away for more than 2 weeks at a time don't have a real job.

I have no problem with that analogy for me, but J has a real job, hence the blackberry, laptop and the occasional distraction. But I'll take it over no holidays (or gasp, shorter holidays). There - I said it (good thing he does not ever read this).

Have a great family christmas.

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